AM Denmark

Clean it up with AM Denmark

AM Denmark was established in 1971. For the last 45 years AM Denmark has been a leader in the field of vinyl, hi-fi, and screen cleaning. As music has evolved so has AM Denmark. Adapting over the years making innovative new technology for customers. This has been proven through the vinyl and cassettes AM Denmark made in the 70s, through to touch screen tech today. AM has a commitment to a clean sound as well as clean equipment. AM rescues your analogue and digital gear from dust, dirt and grease. All done without the use of harsh chemicals. The safe and non-abrasive cleaning solutions allow for a static free playback, smear free screens and extends the life of your gadgets.

AM Denmark is currently available at Urban Records in Leederville. Urban Records is one of Perth's most prominent independent record stores. Urban Records has the largest and most affordable record collection in Perth. Come in store for expert advice and recommendations to give you the absolute best listening experience - whatever your budget.

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