MBeat MB PT-18K Bluetooth Turntable

  • $309.00
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 MBeat MB PT-18K Bluetooth Turntable

  • • Full-Sized Platter- 295mm alloy platter for uniform stability and rotation, allowing high fidelity playback.

  • • Counterweight & Anti-Skating - adjustable counterweight and anti-skating force, imperative for tracking record grooves accurately without distortion.

  • • Moving Magnet Cartridge - pre-fitted and aligned out of the box, enjoy clean, articulate sounds and high fidelity playback.

  • • Bluetooth Transmitter- listen to your records on Bluetooth compatible wireless speakers or headphones.

  • • Record to PC - play and record vinyl directly to your PC to digitise your collection, and take it with you on your PC, phone or tablet.

  • • Feature Rich - 33/45 rpm playback, RCA/Phono Line out, integrated stereo preamplifier, removable dust cover/casing, solid wood build with a gloss finish.